Human Beings or Data Source

Data Source vs Humans

Surprisingly where there is so much talk about customized offerings and personal touch, for firms and startups we are not a human being but a data source and we are treated in a similar way.
What website we clicked, what we are sharing on FB and twitter and many more data collection points that companies vouch can help in offering us just the perfect solution.
If a firm gathers my date of birth and starts offering me stuff based on my zodiac sign…how long would that sustain?
If really #datacollection have reached its heights of perfection in terms of customized offerings… I would like to see a mother-kid or father-kid relation growing with just the virtual connect…
The crux of the matter not treat us as a data source…we are human beings…!


Have you Tried Whatsapp Blogging #WhatsappBlogging?



I am in love with Whatsapp Blogging #WhatsappBlogging


In August 2017 when Whatsapp Introduced colorful text status update, I was like huh! But since last few days, I have started putting text message and I feel how #WhatsappBlogging is perfect for me.
Just imagine a text/image update that is valid only for 24 hrs, people who saw it are the chosen ones and the one who skipped it – are the lucky ones! [Pun Intended].

When Twitter started their operations, Continue reading

Could Blockchain Help Content Creators?

blockchain 1

#Blockchain #Content
When content is used and translated to another language – does it refers to Plagiarism? Alternatively, it is merely Translation?
Similarly, if a music tune produced by guitar is then played via sitar. Would it sound the same or different? I feel except the sound the tune should be familiar … would that again be termed as #copied or #Plagiarized or not?

Is there a disconnect? While music is a universal language, the modes of producing it may differ and hence copying a tune raises the issue… on the other hand language is not universal thus copying same content and translating ina local language is not termed as Plagiarism…

Do you think #Blockchain could resolve an issue like that …could it make one copy of content[in words] and whether it is translated … only the first published text in a particular language stays as a master copy?
Anyone listening?

Cashe – The Cash Giving App #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp Review


Recent trend on twitter with #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp forced me to dig deeper about it and there I landed on Google Play Store page of @CASHeApp. After browsing all the tweets under #CashgivingApp my first thought was – Karza is so easy these days [Availing loan is quite easy these days].

The Launch of the App happened on 31-March-2016 at ITC Hotel and guess who was invited – Arjun Kapoor , who’s upcoming film Ki and Ka Continue reading

How Market Connectivity Issue Damages Capital Markets

wm MarketConenctivity - Infographic

3rd July 2014

BSE had to shut down, and trading got halted for three hours, leaving traders specifically arbitragers and intra-day trader’s panic, fearing their positions are at risk.

17th April 2015

Bloomberg systems going down at around 0720 GMT and the screens were blank for most of the following two hours; market participants said, adding that prices were unavailable and the news feed intermittent.

08 July 2015,

 NYSE had to shut down due to technical configuration problem for almost three hours.

The incidents mentioned above highlight an important fact about “market connectivity in a time pressured trading environment” that in an ideal world is suppose to be flawless and always GREEN. But is it the case? Interruptions’ and glitches in connectivity are blowing client relationships and trading desk revenues across the US, Europe, and Asia. Could improved focus on employing faster and much more dependable connectivity enhance overall infrastructure and facilitate financial institutions to be competitive enough? Let’s take a sneak peek-

The Problem Statement

The new race of offering reduced latency has been “talk of the town” in the financial industry. Where a delay of millisecond could snap away the deal, think about a situation when you completely lost the connectivity. Continue reading

The Gradual shift from e-commerce to m-commerce – Part1

Retail purchasing has seen a phenomenal change since last decade, earlier when customer used to run to markets to purchase stuff, now he just needs internet connection with a working device and he is all set for shopping with goods delivered at his doorstep.

And now we see a shift in that as well, when earlier people Continue reading

Cyber Attack in US – Industries Impacted

Crime definition has seen phenomenal change from being physical to virtual. Today thieves and looters don’t need to be physically present to commit a crime. A mischievous program is sent out in an attractive   pack , with a simple intend to let the recipient know the inside details and gather confidential information kept wrapped under firewalls, antivirus and dozens of security layers. But, alas all goes in vain.

With things moving online from purchase to banking transactions, ordering your dinner to sharing your \pictures and when offices are global the work we do is also available on internet making it more prone to attacks. One point to note here i Continue reading