The Understanding of Algorithmic Trading From a Laymen Perspective

In an urban world when performing a simple calculation at the grocery store of $13.67 + $23.78, we rely on the billing machine.It’s hard to expect a fund manager or a buy-side trader to put a formula and come up with a statistics of profitable trade. We rely on them, and they rely on of complex algorithms stressing a cost conscious and hyper-competitive trading environment. Algorithms are now the part and parcel of any trading platform, and brokers extensively use them to poach new clients and retain their loyal customers.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Trades captured with the use of algorithm are known as Algorithmic Trading. In more technical words – Continue reading


Do All Buy Side firms need both OMS and EMS?

Markets are now flooded with OMS and EMS offering making it tough for the buy side firms to pick the best one. Let’s have a quick glance on what are the factors which any buy side firm should consider before finalizing the product

What is OMS and EMS?
OMS which existed from 1980’s was one of the pet of all buy side firms, but later with evolution of technology and need to connect to multiple vendors , Continue reading