Cashe – The Cash Giving App #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp Review


Recent trend on twitter with #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp forced me to dig deeper about it and there I landed on Google Play Store page of @CASHeApp. After browsing all the tweets under #CashgivingApp my first thought was – Karza is so easy these days [Availing loan is quite easy these days].

The Launch of the App happened on 31-March-2016 at ITC Hotel and guess who was invited – Arjun Kapoor , who’s upcoming film Ki and Ka Continue reading


Are your mails landing in the spam folder?

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spam Most of the companies are extensively using email campaigns to persuade customers to buy stuff from their store. In fact Digital marketing is on verge of explosion as even brick and mortar stores do email campaigns to flatter consumers. And the flip side of the strategy is that we are also increasing the spam content for the individuals. In fact studies have found that in 2013, the spam content was almost ~80 % of email exchange. And so most of the mail technologies are equipped with sophisticated filters, Continue reading

The Gradual shift from e-commerce to m-commerce – Part1

Retail purchasing has seen a phenomenal change since last decade, earlier when customer used to run to markets to purchase stuff, now he just needs internet connection with a working device and he is all set for shopping with goods delivered at his doorstep.

And now we see a shift in that as well, when earlier people Continue reading