Why I support Google gifting mirrors to the Women on Google for Entrepreneurs during their first “women’s edition.”

The recent article on inc.com made me think how much the online content and expert talks pre-program our mind on “feminism” and “racist” behavior?

Do you believe if a gift could be a feminist or a non-feminist?

I symbolize mirror as a “face-off.” It shows one’s struggle with himself. The whole day we spend meeting new faces or staring at that dumb computer screen. The mirror shows you the reality!

Just a five minutes with yourself in front of the mirror and you would notice your fine lines that symbolize your aging, the eyes that wait for their twinkle and your face glow signifying how hard your day was! This and much more could be revealed and spoken about if we spend just a minute in front of the mirror.

So basically it all bends down to mindset of what we symbolizes each item to, a pen symbolizes a writer, a white chalk – a teacher, a laptop might make you think of a geek, a kitchen may again make you think of a lady [ on the contrary most of the famous chefs are male]. So where do you think the “feminist” actually stays? In your mind isn’t?

Another thing I believe is “a gift is a gift” it’s an item crafted with love and affection and so should be dealt in a similar manner.

Were the women and other guest expecting Google to run a poll on what should be the right and correct return gift items? I suppose not! And if you said YES, a humble appeal to GOOGLE to run a poll next time they decide to hand over a swag package.

I do agree that “women” at times have to suffer in their career; I have experienced it [the surprising part, however, was that it came from a woman. Okay let’s leave that!] but, this time, Google isn’t at fault!A mirror is just a representation of what you think of, being a woman I feel Google wants us to look beautiful – act beautiful – and bloom professionally so that every day when we have a face-off with ourselves we glow, rise and shine!