Have you Tried Whatsapp Blogging #WhatsappBlogging?



I am in love with Whatsapp Blogging #WhatsappBlogging


In August 2017 when Whatsapp Introduced colorful text status update, I was like huh! But since last few days, I have started putting text message and I feel how #WhatsappBlogging is perfect for me.
Just imagine a text/image update that is valid only for 24 hrs, people who saw it are the chosen ones and the one who skipped it – are the lucky ones! [Pun Intended].

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Could Blockchain Help Content Creators?

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#Blockchain #Content
When content is used and translated to another language – does it refers to Plagiarism? Alternatively, it is merely Translation?
Similarly, if a music tune produced by guitar is then played via sitar. Would it sound the same or different? I feel except the sound the tune should be familiar … would that again be termed as #copied or #Plagiarized or not?

Is there a disconnect? While music is a universal language, the modes of producing it may differ and hence copying a tune raises the issue… on the other hand language is not universal thus copying same content and translating ina local language is not termed as Plagiarism…

Do you think #Blockchain could resolve an issue like that …could it make one copy of content[in words] and whether it is translated … only the first published text in a particular language stays as a master copy?
Anyone listening?