Have you Tried Whatsapp Blogging #WhatsappBlogging?



I am in love with Whatsapp Blogging #WhatsappBlogging


In August 2017 when Whatsapp Introduced colorful text status update, I was like huh! But since last few days, I have started putting text message and I feel how #WhatsappBlogging is perfect for me.
Just imagine a text/image update that is valid only for 24 hrs, people who saw it are the chosen ones and the one who skipped it – are the lucky ones! [Pun Intended].

When Twitter started their operations, people loved posting those short updates and then it grew into a marketing game. Now each Marketer makes sure to utilize Twitter to reach out to new customers/clients.

However WhatsappBlogging is different, No hassle to include SEO, no public interference, no expectations of likes, no fear of plagiarism … share the thought and let it go.

But yes firms could use it for their own benefit. Just for example a group on whatsapp and post the offers that are valid only for 24 hrs, no hurdle to remove the banner. People who are interested join the group or else leave the group. No subscription needed, no unsubscribing. No limitless stuff… no lifetime promises…

Again, a similarity with life… everything must come to an end 🙂
Somehow whatsapp blogging has struck the writers chord again for me, again I want to write, again I want to weave those magical words, and again it’s for me!

I am in love with #WhatsappBlogging


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