Cashe – The Cash Giving App #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp Review


Recent trend on twitter with #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp forced me to dig deeper about it and there I landed on Google Play Store page of @CASHeApp. After browsing all the tweets under #CashgivingApp my first thought was – Karza is so easy these days [Availing loan is quite easy these days].

The Launch of the App happened on 31-March-2016 at ITC Hotel and guess who was invited – Arjun Kapoor , who’s upcoming film Ki and Ka is about to hit theatres on 01-April-2016. Some of the eye-catching tweets and images

The #CASHeApp App Working

As mentioned on Google Play store

  1. Register on the CASHe mobile app through your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
  2. Upload your proof of employment, a scan of your PAN card and a Photo.
  3. Within two hours, you will be informed of your eligibility. Then, simply log in and select an amount.
  4. CASHe will send it right into your bank account!
  5. One could only avail a loan of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000, for a 15-day period.
  6. Plain and Simple


Before You Register and Avail the Loan, Get Answers to These Questions

  • What would happen if a user does not pay the money within the due date?
  • What’s the policy of Cashe to get loan back? As there is no guarantee, even they cannot pick back the asset/guarantee under their possession?
  • Why do they need proof of employment? Many freelancers, business- men part timers or daily wagers do not have such proof? So if they are targeting “people in need” it is just the salaried employee! The whole advertisement actually fails in that case.
  • If my phone gets stolen and a person applies for that loan [because it is just one time registration] what should I do?
  • After registration, what if I change my employment?
  • Could I make the partial repayments or only one repayment is allowed?

My Verdict

The Big show of #CashgivingApp is misleading, where at one hand they are targeting mass “who needs money” the process force us to show “the proof of employment with pancard”  making it accessible to only people who can actually show it.

How about homemakers or college students who need bit of extra cash? Or a road traveler who is not able to locate an ATM machine nearby and his car is broke?

I agree it is too early to comment on how the #CashgivingApp actually makes its profit and how many people actually found it useful. On this launch day, I wish them – Best Of Luck!



3 thoughts on “Cashe – The Cash Giving App #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp Review

  1. I am existing user of cashe app from mumbai. But from so many days i am trying to apply but screen getting blank after click to login with social media . I am in urgent need but till not solved my problem by cashe.


    • Hi Ranjeeta,

      Do not waste your time. As they are fraud just need to collect the docs from needy people to do certain malpractices..


  2. Its been more than 12 days, I have submitted for loan request for only 10k, till now no response, sent enough number of reminders on cashe email id but no response for my loan account number 999990000411379, No call back yet with an update. how do I contact them on phone on remove my document from their site, anyone pls help me. I would not recommend Cashe to anyone, I will try with some other apps who gives same service.


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