As a Consumer My Top Four Reasons for Not signing Up for Digital Wallet/Mobile Wallet

Digital Wallet

The digital wallet firms are raining discounts and Offers just for people to adopt and sign-in for a digital wallet/mobile wallet/m-wallet. Just like me, I’m sure there would be some ‘n’ number of people who would still be ready to pay ‘extra’ rather than creating one for them. And the recent news on made my belief much stronger. Here are my top four reasons for not using them –

I’m lazy to SignUp


That’s hard core reality of me! I have signed up for more than thousands of websites and really bored of marketing mails they send me occasionally [where I have an option to unsubscribe or hit SPAM]. They may have linked the sign up with Facebook/Google plus or any other account, but I don’t use Facebook and do not want to share my google + information with them. So give me an easy way out if you want me to sign up.

COD is still the best bet

Check out consumer forum, and you would find thousands of complaints against one or the other online stores, hence I feel COD is still the best and safest bet for any consumer.

None of the wallets work during travel

People usually prefer not to carry cash during their rail/air trip. But as rail travel does not allow the signal to be constantly on your phone and the air travel makes sure to carry your Smartphone in aero plane mode. So, what’s the use of signing up? However it would be fun to buy chai/banana at the railway station and tell him – Bhaiya paise mobile wallet se de diye! [Money has been transferred via mobile wallet].

None of the mobile Wallet Company has vouched that my money is safe and in case of theft I am insured


Well, that sound like a crazy idea, but how could I trust these evolving firms with my hard earned money? What if it’s misused or stolen? What steps should I take to report an incident? Would the firm be reimbursing the amount? Or is there any insurance against these wallets?

What’s your reason for not using one? Do tell me…



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