TTCN-3 – Idea, Design Principles And its Usage in Financial domain

MPower Softcomm

Testing is Essential
By Udit Rastogi
The modern era of business works on a simple principle of providing quality services, and to keep up the pace in the current competitive market you need to have an extra edge over your competitors. One of the simplest ways of achieving it would be to ensure delivering a regressively tested product. Testing a product is quite a dependent on the flexibility, re-usability, and maintenance efforts of the test tools. TTCN-3 the distributed, the independent testing platform is an answer to all such queries. The tool is not only used by the Mpower Testing team but is extensively used by Business Analysts to streamline and optimize process flows and business flow

What is TTCN-3 and how Mpower Team Benefits from it

Testing and Test Control Notation version 3 well known as TTCN-3 is a robustly typed test scripting language widely used in conformance testing of various sectors…

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