These Eight Cases Could Take Any Ecommerce/MCommerce Store to the Next Level – Are the Founders listening?


Yes, e-commerce is everywhere, and we are have made a steady progress within last ten years –

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Logistics have improved
  • Not just home deliveries but now you can pick your deliverable from any “Pick Up ”
  • Home Trials
  • Penetration to tier2 and tier 3 cities
  • Wide range of Payment options
  • Data Analytics Integration
  • Virtual Trial Rooms
  • 3D images

But what next? IoT Integration or Robots delivering the stuff?

Even before that, I see “gray areas” where improvements are needed. Are the Founders listening?

Case One – Gift Vouchers in different currencies.

Recently one of my acquaintances[India] received an award with a gift voucher from Amazon in dollars. Amazon India does not accept it, and finally, he had to let it go! Shouldn’t the gift vouchers be available in whatever currency you want?

Your friend is shifting to the US, and rather than gifting him with a Pressure Cooker, I would be more willing to gift him a Voucher in Dollars that could help him in setup his new home in states.

Case Two – Auto Execution Of Orders


I need to borrow the “Order Types” [where you can put a condition on the price or quantity and let the market decide whether order gets executed] from Capital Market to the e-commerce platform. Just, for example, Flipkart is running its grand Diwali sale for three days, and on an opening day, I need to catch a train. While yes, you can browse over your phone but still why should I worry, when I can put a condition that if the price is within these limits for the item, I want to purchase let me buy it. This kind of situation would help any individual and save their time.


Case Three -Global Items At Your Doorstep


Have you not called up your buddy to get a laptop from the US? I know people who also get some special chips from the US that are baked and have a vegetable puree. Or your distant relative who is returning from Holland to get you some fresh cheese!

Yes, Amazon opened their global store, but how about I could browse any location and get at my home delivered. A filter that sets the country like you set for language/Region and could then browse the items. I see two advantages of this – you could get items legally paying charges and secondly you know they would be authentic.

Case Four – What happened to my feedback?


You always send us a mail to be courteous and to help you improve if we could provide you with feedback. But even once have you acknowledged it? What happens to our comments? Do you bother to reply to those people who spent time and effort to provide you with feedback?

Draft a response, even if the feedback was not worth it, no matter how much automation and Artificial intelligence you put, personal experience is what counts and is cherished.

Case Five – How To Know You Are a reliable Store?

You might have seen consumer forum flooded with complaints against online store? So, who pays the price? How could a customer judge whether they are genuine and reliable? Apart from the trusted brands every web page or Facebook is flooded with advertisement about selling this and that. How do we know you are genuine? Do we need some regulations here? Or simply customer response is the only alternative?


Case Six – A Reward just for new registration but what about the loyal customer?

Most of the e-commerce hubs have attractive discounts for the newbie [ maybe that helps them to reach a minimum number of customer base] but what about customers who are loyal?

I remember during my childhood days when fix brick-and-mortar stores would offer Diwali/New Year gifts like a calendar or a box of sweets and made us stick to them.

Could the stores take the help from Data Analytics and offer “rewards” to loyal customers? Maybe once they reach 5k mark or once they have completed ten purchases? Or if you buy every month you get a top-up?

Case Seven – Need of  NOT Filter, the exclusion filter

Most of the sites come with a filter to include stuff, what if I want only that specific brand to be excluded and rest all in, I would need to click all the others. Just for example if I am browsing a phone and I do not want a filter that shows me ‘X’ brand phone and rest all should be displayed. It is quite painful to click all the brands just to remove one; there should be an exclusion filter as well it makes search easy.


Case Eight – Customer needs the bricks-and-mortar store experience with digital features

Have we thought of tracking the customer at a physical store may be via MAC ids or NFC and that could be used even for an online presence? Footfalls in stores can be converted to sales online. As a customer, I may feel a need to touch-n-feel the stuff, but buying could be done once the sale is on, so how do we track these analytics?

As the expert believe #onlineretail is still about customers and one of the customer is offering you a detailed feedback. Are you listening?


Banks Need to Be Centralized – Could Blockchain be the answer?



Banks Need Centralization


The queues in banks have lessened, the digital transformation is progressing, few people are for banks getting redundant, and few believe banks to rise and serve as the operating system. However, I vote –  Banks to be centralized! And to some degree, Blockchain could help banks to achieve that.

Why Banks Need to Be Centralized?

Unlike olden days when data/information was maintained in the ledgers and files, now data could be cryptic and stored on cloud servers. So, if the account information that was fed in ABC city, why that can’t be accessed from XYZ city?

Thanks to globalization that customer is not at “one place” now. Continue reading

Cashe – The Cash Giving App #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp Review


Recent trend on twitter with #CashgivingApp #CASHeApp forced me to dig deeper about it and there I landed on Google Play Store page of @CASHeApp. After browsing all the tweets under #CashgivingApp my first thought was – Karza is so easy these days [Availing loan is quite easy these days].

The Launch of the App happened on 31-March-2016 at ITC Hotel and guess who was invited – Arjun Kapoor , who’s upcoming film Ki and Ka Continue reading

Should we have ‘reserved’ jobs for women | Workplace | SHEROES

Little Triplets Icy [Male],Picy [Female] and Licy [Female] were in their mother’s womb talking, Icy said  – I do not want to share this place with you two. I am in minority, I will ask mother to reserve –     2/3rd space in the womb for me or shift me to father’s womb –     A separate umbilical cord or fix timing for my supply of food and nutrients –     S

Source: Should we have ‘reserved’ jobs for women | Workplace | SHEROES

As a Consumer My Top Four Reasons for Not signing Up for Digital Wallet/Mobile Wallet

Digital Wallet

The digital wallet firms are raining discounts and Offers just for people to adopt and sign-in for a digital wallet/mobile wallet/m-wallet. Just like me, I’m sure there would be some ‘n’ number of people who would still be ready to pay ‘extra’ rather than creating one for them. And the recent news on made my belief much stronger. Here are my top four reasons for not using them –

I’m lazy to SignUp


That’s hard core reality of me! I have signed up for more than thousands of websites and really bored of marketing mails they send me occasionally [where I have an option to unsubscribe or hit SPAM]. Continue reading

Why I support Google gifting mirrors to the Women on Google for Entrepreneurs during their first “women’s edition.”

The recent article on made me think how much the online content and expert talks pre-program our mind on “feminism” and “racist” behavior?

Do you believe if a gift could be a feminist or a non-feminist?

I symbolize mirror as a “face-off.” It shows one’s struggle with himself. The whole day we spend meeting new faces or staring at that dumb computer screen. The mirror shows you the reality!

Just a five minutes with yourself in front of the mirror and you would notice your fine lines that symbolize your aging, the eyes that wait for their twinkle and your face glow signifying how hard your day was! This and much more could be revealed and spoken about if we spend just a minute in front of the mirror.

So basically it all bends down to mindset of what we symbolizes each item to, a pen symbolizes a writer, a white chalk – a teacher, a laptop might make you think of a geek, a kitchen may again make you think of a lady [ on the contrary most of the famous chefs are male]. So where do you think the “feminist” actually stays? In your mind isn’t?

Another thing I believe is “a gift is a gift” it’s an item crafted with love and affection and so should be dealt in a similar manner.

Were the women and other guest expecting Google to run a poll on what should be the right and correct return gift items? I suppose not! And if you said YES, a humble appeal to GOOGLE to run a poll next time they decide to hand over a swag package.

I do agree that “women” at times have to suffer in their career; I have experienced it [the surprising part, however, was that it came from a woman. Okay let’s leave that!] but, this time, Google isn’t at fault!A mirror is just a representation of what you think of, being a woman I feel Google wants us to look beautiful – act beautiful – and bloom professionally so that every day when we have a face-off with ourselves we glow, rise and shine!

How Market Connectivity Issue Damages Capital Markets

wm MarketConenctivity - Infographic

3rd July 2014

BSE had to shut down, and trading got halted for three hours, leaving traders specifically arbitragers and intra-day trader’s panic, fearing their positions are at risk.

17th April 2015

Bloomberg systems going down at around 0720 GMT and the screens were blank for most of the following two hours; market participants said, adding that prices were unavailable and the news feed intermittent.

08 July 2015,

 NYSE had to shut down due to technical configuration problem for almost three hours.

The incidents mentioned above highlight an important fact about “market connectivity in a time pressured trading environment” that in an ideal world is suppose to be flawless and always GREEN. But is it the case? Interruptions’ and glitches in connectivity are blowing client relationships and trading desk revenues across the US, Europe, and Asia. Could improved focus on employing faster and much more dependable connectivity enhance overall infrastructure and facilitate financial institutions to be competitive enough? Let’s take a sneak peek-

The Problem Statement

The new race of offering reduced latency has been “talk of the town” in the financial industry. Where a delay of millisecond could snap away the deal, think about a situation when you completely lost the connectivity. Continue reading